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Submissions have now CLOSED.

For the second issue of Mantissa Poetry Review we are seeking themed submissions that relate to the prefix ‘re-’.

‘re-’ is an opposition, to make anew, an undoing, a turning back or an echo. It can be transitional or backwards, cyclical or something altogether different than before.

We’re interested in poems that explore ‘re-’ not necessarily through words that use the prefix alone, but poetry that explores ideas constructed through the prefix and its role as an element that forms meaning. Think ‘revolve’, ‘reproduce’, ‘replete’, ‘requiem’ and ‘repulse’ as examples. How might poets (re)create through each or one of these words? What do ‘replete’ and ‘reproduce’ have in common? Is poetry already an act of rebuilding, reconstructing or reflecting? Can form influence this? Perhaps where collage is to recover, a sestina illustrates restraint.

We’re looking for poetry that challenges and expands upon the multiplicity of ‘re-’ and its function. This can be a poem built from a single word or idea, or something more abstract. Our theme is open to interpretation and we’re excited by the prospective diversity of your submissions. We’re very open to experimentation and welcome submissions of whatever the writer feels is ‘poetry’ — although please keep in mind that this is a printed publication.

We’re looking forward to seeing how you respond to (or revolt) this theme!  

Please submit up to three (3) poems of your choice, in a single word document or pdf file to with the subject line ‘submission’.

Please include your name and a short bio.

Good luck!